Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What are the registration deadlines?

Check under news section for announcements regarding registration dates.  They are typically 2 weeks prior to new session starting.  You may also register at any time once the swim session begins.  The fall session starts in mid-October and runs until mid-December.  The winter session starts in mid-January and runs until mid-April and our summer session starts the first week in May and runs until mid-August.

  1.  What are the swim fees?

The swim fees will vary depending  on the swim session.  Please check under registration and fees for a current fee schedule.

  1.  How do I know which group my child can swim in?

Use the approximate age guidelines in our registration section to assist in the placement of your child.

  1.  How do I know if my child is ready to swim?

Your child should be comfortable in the water and able to follow directions .  Otherwise, we have sessions available for all types of swim abilities.

  1.  What if my child is in other sports or activities?

The Summer Session of the Castlegar Aquanauts Swim Club is very flexible to allow children to pursue other activities and interests and still be able to gain valuable life skills in the pool.  The schedule is set up so that swimmers may choose which sessions they would like to attend.  You can attend as many or as few practices as you like.  Obviously, the more practices you attend, the better your skill will improve, but the sessions are not mandatory and can be flexible to your schedule.   The same reasoning is applied to the swim meets in that the swimmers can choose which, if any, swim meets they would like to attend.